Virtual Ukrainian Open Data Hackathon
Nov 22, 2019, 6:00 PM – Nov 23, 2019, 6:00 PM
The Auditorium,
30 S Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London E14 5EP, UK


Participants can choose a combination of any of the following work-streams:

Business Climate

  • How Might We elevate Ukrainian small businesses and investment into Ukraine?

Set the Record Straight

  • How Might We promote the correct usage of linguistics and raise awareness on cultural knowledge of Ukraine? (#KyivnotKiev, ‘Ukraine’ not ‘the Ukraine’)

Clean Data Indicators

  • How Might We boost and keep open data indicators up to date, correct, and automate the detection of any errors?




The Team


The DSA provides free access to data, metadata and, perhaps most importantly, sample Jupyter notebooks for many of our most popular sets including Tick History, Historical Pricing, Reuters News Archive, Aggregated News & Social Media Sentiment, ESG and our Knowledge Graph.

It also provides access to our Intelligent Tagging Natural Language Processing and Symbology services.

Refinitiv Data Science Accelerator

every participant will get access to Open Datasets Catalogue within the Ukrainian Ecosystem (mostly - in Ukrainian).


Sponsors and Partners


Maryna Kuzmenko, Ph.D

  • Grey LinkedIn Icon

CEO at Petiole
Head of TLA Ukraine

Daniella Tsar

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Senior Data Scientist at Thomson Reuters Labs, Head of AI & Data Science  at TLA Ukraine

Ievgen Goichuk

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Senior Software Engineer at Refinitiv Labs



Friday, NOVEMBER 22


Virtual Hackathon Starts


R Teaching Webinar

Saturday, NOVEMBER 23


Submission Deadline

Our Judges

Amit Kohli

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Senior Data Strategist at ACDI/VOCA

Amit is an environmental engineer turned data strategist. He started his career collecting and using environmental data to clean soil and water resources, then disseminated water resources & uses data with UN-FAO’s AQUASTAT and now leads Data initiatives @ ACDI/VOCA. Amit’s commitment to international 
development comes from his experience growing up in ‘developing countries’ and witnessing every extreme in living conditions.


He is passionate about R and is dedicating to promoting its dissemination having led R-User groups in Ghana and the UK. He is the author of the ShinyTester, TileMaker, and BulletChartR R packages and blogs at and

Check out Amit's EARL talk on Colombian progress here.

Tharindi Hapuarachchi, PhD

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Program Manager at DeepMind

Tharindi is focused on the application of cutting edge AI research to real world challenges, with a particular interest in AI for social good. Prior to joining DeepMind, she was a Senior Manager at Thomson Reuters Labs working on data science solutions across industries and collaborating with academia, industry, government, commercial partners and non-profit organisations. She has also worked on data and technology strategy collaborating with organisations such as the Open Data Institute. Tharindi has a PhD and Master’s degree in Mathematical Modelling from University College London.

Check out her video on using open data for land ownership here.

Viktor Nestulia 

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Senior Manager, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, at Open Contracting Partnership

Before joining the Open Contracting Partnership, Viktor was acting CEO at SOE Medical Procurement of Ukraine – the central purchasing body set up by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for medical public procurement.


Between 2015-2018 he was a Program Director at Transparency International Ukraine. His portfolio included five significant initiatives – ProZorro, ProZorro.Sale systems development, DOZORRO community building, e-Health system development, and Construction Sector Transparency Initiative implementation.  He has experience in the private sector and in government. He headed the procurement risk assessment division in one of the biggest agro-holdings of Ukraine and worked in the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. 

Viktor has a Master’s degree in international economy from Kyiv National Economic University in Ukraine and studied organizational behavior and intercultural marketing at the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien in Austria. Viktor’s ambition is to help Eastern Europe and Central Asia become a global open contracting leader.

Check out Mr Nestulia's interview with here.


Tech London Advocates (TLA) Ukraine is a non-profit community, established in 2019. We are a group of professionals, who support technology start-ups in finding new investment, new talent and achieving high growth.

TLA Ukraine is a part of Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates


Our Lovely Volunteers

Svitlana Voronkova, Ph.D

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Senior Analyst at Ofgem

Nina Hristozova

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Data Scientist at Thomson Reuters Labs

Juan Lara

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Senior Software Engineer at Thomson Reuters Labs


Laura Pomeroy

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UX Researcher / Designer at Thomson Reuters Labs

Jess Peter

Data Experience Designer at Thomson Reuters Labs

Yuliya Zemlytska

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Associate Counsel at EBRD

Inna Poliakova

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Partner at Innovation Law Laboratory

Special Thanks

James photo.png

James has given us a bunch of advice and resourses to be able to to start our hackathon journey 

Open Data Institute

James Maddison


Alexandra has given us guidance and tips regarding the organisation of the hackathon.

CEO AlwaysFriday Ltd. 

Alexandra Allison

0 (2).jpeg

For the wonderful design of our board and the audio tech!

Senior Experience Design Lead

Johannes Schleith

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 4.01.41 PM.png

Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services - Kateryna has given us a glimpse into the open data ecosystem in Ukraine


Kateryna Onyiliogwu


Amazing knowledge of the Ukrainian Open Data Ecosystem and Hckathon Logistics and Organisation

Prozorro, Open Contracting

Nadiia Konashchuk 

small hera taken by maryam.jpeg

Transparency, open data, civic tech & gender rights I Forbes 30 Under 30 | MIT Innovators Under 35

Senior Advocacy Manager - Open Contracting Partnership

Hera Hussain


Thanks to Romeo for trying to convince potential sponsors about why it's worth it!

Senior Solutions Architect -Thomson Reuters

Romeo Radanyi



London and Worldwide



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